Dr. Sebi: There’s no such thing as a germ or virus or bacteria.

Judge: What did you say, Dr. Sebi?

Dr. Sebi: There is no such thing as a germ or virus or bacteria.

Judge: Then what is it?

Dr. Sebi: Ma’am, it is a microbe that is generated in the body, when erosion begins.

Judge: Explain that

Dr. Sebi: Very simple. If I take a very healthy human being, lay him on this table and not move them for a month. When I raise them, What are they gonna have on their back?

Judge: A bedsore

Dr. Sebi: and inside that bedsore, there would be some little worms isn’t it? Sure but where did the worms come from? Where were they birthed?

Judge: From the man himself.

Dr. Sebi: Ahh but why bedsore?

Judge: You didn’t move that person.

Dr. Sebi: That part of him was lacking oxygen. You never see bedsore on top of a person, you see them in the bottom. The Deprivation of Oxygen Causes all Disease.

Dr. Sebi: And Your Honor. If I take a potato, place it inside an oxygen-free vessel.. 14 days later, you begin to see a breakdown and then you see little worms coming out of the potato. Where did the worms come from? From across the street and invaded your potato? They are from inside the potato.

Dr. Sebi: Now we go internal.. When those cells seize to receive oxygen, they break down.. and depending on where that erosion is taking place; the name of a disease you will have. If the erosion is in the nostrils it’s sinusitis, if it’s in the bronchial tubes it’s bronchitis, if it’s in the lungs it’s pneumonia.

Dr. Sebi: A bacteria, a germ or a virus simply does not exist. It is a manifestation that is caused by erosion, but the erosion is caused by mucus and the mucus came from the (acidic) food that you eat.