Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide

Many may wonder about Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide and how he decided on which foods to choose from. With all the variety of foods we have in the world today, it is easy to see how one can get spoiled with unlimited options. But all the options aren’t good options. Dr. Sebi, recognizing this during his research sought out foods native to lands that have survived thousands of years, free from man-made manipulation.

These ancient foods would become the staples of his food list, along with others that are least detrimental to our health. Are these the only foods in the world that are good to consume? No, there are many other foods in the world that are true “wholefoods”, with their complete molecular structure intact. However, the availability of these foods are scarce and not commonly found in your everyday markets.

Most foods we come across today are hybridized(unnaturally crossbred), or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) that are incomplete in their molecular structure. When man interferes with what nature has created, it breaks the perfect structure of a food, rendering it unbalanced in chemistry and harmful to the system. Man is incapable of creating the same perfect structure as nature has created things.

Therefore, Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide is our best option of foods, as we now understand that all options aren’t good options. This comprehensive list of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, spices, and oils will be everything you need to sustain optimal health for you and your family.

The food guide may seem rather limited to those who are new to the alkaline lifestyle, but once you begin to put things in practice you will see the many options you do have.