Today is just another day in the journey, experiencing the basics of starting any fast as the body opens up. At this point from the past detoxes that I’ve done and how extensive they have been, I know the changes I will see will drastically slow down.

My colon and gallbladder are pretty much flushed out, I know this because early on within the first detox I had already released major mucoid plaque, starting on the 9th day of the fast and it continued for quite a while (I have proof of the mucoid plaque). My bowel movements continued at least 1-2 times a day during all of my fasts, except the days I dry fasted.

During this last fast around the 2.5-month mark, I no longer could have bowel movements, only gallstones were coming out every day. as they released into the system I would feel a slight illness of the stomach, slight headache and/or cloudiness would ensue from the toxins the stones carry. It took a whole 5 weeks for all the gallstones to be released (I have proof of gallstones). I noticed that when I now tried to use a bowel formula and a gallbladder formula nothing would happen, only slight pain so I knew nothing was left.

Currently, with this fast, I feel my body has opened up just as it did before. Now the major things I have left are the kidney stones and my lymph nodes on the right side which are hardened and swollen. I can tell my kidneys are opening up because my bouts of edema are slowly subsiding, and I can attack the lymphatic system a little more aggressively.

It took time for our bodies to get into these horrible situations and it will take time, patience, discipline, and perseverance to get out of them.