Many believe that the cold weather is what makes us sick during the winter, which isn’t true. To quote Dr. Otto Warburg

“No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment”

Knowing this fact, we see why hospitals are kept at a cool temperature. Keeping the temperature cool, gives the patients more fresh and free-flowing oxygen to cells while stimulating the immune system and keeping bacteria, etc. at bay. So this proves that cold air is alkaline. With that being said, when we are out in the cold they lymphatic system (the main immune system) is being stimulated to push out old hardened mucus within the system. The cold air is actually helping you, not harming you.

Where does all this mucus come from? You guessed right, your diet. The heavy proteins, meats, dairy and starches which clog up the system.

Further proof:
My last fast ended about a month ago, so I fasted pretty much the whole winter, on water, smoothies and herbs, no teas at all. When I learned how beneficial cold air was to the body, I looked forward to the challenge of fasting during the winter. The cold air helped my detox dramatically. Allowing the breeze of cold air to sway across my neck and head, I felt mucus being moved from the base of my skull towards the crown of my head, down to the nose and mouth to be expelled.

I did this through out the winter, while working outside and not once did I catch a cold, but my coworkers, as well as my immediate family caught colds during this time. I’ve had a very poor immune system since a child, sensitive to the cold, with low iron.

If the cold actually makes us sick, there’s no way I should have been able to make it through this winter how I did given all the facts I’ve presented here. The effects from the cold you are experiencing are simply symptoms of detoxification which is mainly expelling mucus from the body. The standard American diet is the problem, not nature.