Of course, the fresh fruit is always best, but at times when it’s not available in my area, I get it in this form. For those who are not familiar with this fruit, it is graviola otherwise known as soursop. Here are a few facts about this wonderful fruit. It is good for arthritis, gout, nerves, a blood cleanser, diabetes and best of all for cancer. Studies have shown that graviola is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy, without the side effects.

You may ask, exactly how is this possible? Well, the graviola fruits cell structure is comprised of four main molecules: two molecules of sugar, on of cyanide, and the other benzaldehyde. You may be taken back by the fact that graviola contains cyanide, but when it’s attached to another molecule in an organic form, such as fruit it isn’t toxic to the body.

When cancer cells within the body see the sugar molecules from the fruit, it thinks food and attacks. At this point, the benzaldehyde and cyanide form a chemical reaction unlocking the attached molecules detonating upon contact with cancer cells, while leaving your healthy immune cells intact, unlike chemotherapy.

Chemo is completely destructive not only to cancer cells but your own immune cells. This leaves your body almost defenseless while trying to rebuild your immune system on a standard American diet which further contributes to poor immunity and so-called “disease”. Prevention is the best cure. Trust in natural methods, as opposed to an allopathic approach.