Did you know that the body has three kidneys? Yes, three kidneys, the two within the body and the third covers the body, the skin. The skin is noted as the third kidney because a couple of its major roles are identical to that of the kidneys.

Our kidneys collect metabolic waste (lymphatic) and expel this waste out of the body through urination. The skin likewise collects metabolic waste (lymphatic) and expels it out of the body by way of sweat. During the winter months, there is more strain upon our kidneys to filter out this waste without the help of the skin being able to produce sweat. A great way to give the kidneys a hand is to go to the sauna during the winter. We have three main organs of elimination to the outside world, the kidneys, the bowels, and the skin.

The skin being our largest organ of elimination releases as much waste daily, as the kidneys, bowels and lungs all together. This is just a fragment of the importance of our third kidney, which also serves as a big brother towards the other two.