Today went pretty well, I’m seeing and feeling the progress continue. My head feels lighter, and feeling a little more mobile. The release of toxins, and the movement of lymph fluids that I felt was great.

A few times throughout the hours I was there, I leterally felt lymph moving from around the hip area into the bladder. It was mainly on the left side (my side that isn’t as troubled), but I also felt it on the right side (my most troubling side).

I began to feel the same sore throat feeling on the right side of my throat, just as mentioned on INDEFINITE FAST DAY 46. This feeling went away as I expelled mucus via the mouth a few times.

Next was the neck soreness. As we have learned per Dr. Sebi there is only on “disease”, which is mucus(inflammation). Whenever you have soreness, tightness or lacking mobility in a area of the body, it’s the lymph in that area that is clogged with mucus(inflammation).

As I began to stretch, I felt more loose than usual from the constant sweating. I felt lymph being drained on my left side. Majority of the stiffness on the side is completely gone now. There still remains some tightness towards the base of neck and the top of my trap muscles. I felt some release of tightness on the right side, but overall that whole side is still tight.

This allows us to see that the left side (my side that isn’t as troubled) is draining at a much more rapid rate than the right side ( my most troubling side). The more the left continues to drain, eventually that side will be completely taken care of. Whenever this takes place the body can more so focus on the right side. This is when the real work will begin.

It should be a known fact by all, that healing isn’t overnight. The longer you’ve been dealing with an issue, typically the longer it may take to heal. It all depends upon the individual, their bodies genetic strengths and weaknesses.

On INDEFINITE FAST DAY 14, I spoke about the importance of our 3rd kidney, the skin. Hopefully, thee short clips along with day 14’s post, will help you to truly see the importance of our largest organ of elimination.