This past week has been a lot of slow progressions. More than ever I’m spewing yellowish mucus from the nose and mouth. As I stated on INDEFINITE FAST DAY 48 this shows us that the body is digging deeper in cleansing itself. Yesterday, day 50, I spent the evening at the spa and today I’m feeling pretty good.

On INDEFINITE FAST DAY 49 around 4:30 pm or so, I had a ringing in my left ear. More than a ring it was like an alarm that went off, as the sound went “tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing”. This happened for around 2 minutes and went away.

Prior to this about 2:40pm I took some lymphatic herbs. An hour later I felt lymph moving within my head. Normally I feel it coming from the base of the skull, moving forward from sides to the head in a diagonal motion towards the front of the head.

All this happened leading up to where we started around 4:30 pm. Why was my left ear ringing? Medically speaking this would be called “tinnitus”. Which can occur within the ears and from the brain. They say this can have about 200 causes for this, such as loud music, headaches, nasal congestion, infection, signs of slow hearing loss, etc. It is known as a condition and not a so-called “disease”.

As always, we know per Dr. Sebi the only condition is mucus. And when excess mucus overloads various parts of the body it causes damage. This excess build-up of mucus within my left ear and side of the head is slowly leaving day by day.

I mentioned my feelings of ear drainage on INDEFINITE FAST 48 in one of the videos. I stated that during my last fast I felt like I could hear all over again for the first time.

Just as when having a bowel movement you may feel “5 lbs lighter”. This is the same feeling when mucus is being moved out of the ear, and clarity of hearing slowly comes back. So when I heard the ting sound, I knew my left ear and head was being drained. This shows us there was some damage being removed(mucus) that was causing the ringing or so call “tinnitus”.

Continuing in detoxification I know and very well understand that this damage as any other can be repaired. It takes time, consistency, and willingness to do what needs to be done.