To understand what indefinite fasting is, we must take a look at the word indefinite itself.

INDEFINITE comes from the Latin word indefinitus, in – ‘not’ and definitus – ‘defined’, literally meaning “not defined”.

Indefinite fasting is a concept that I created during my personal alkaline journey and while fasting.

With that being said ‘INDEFINITE FASTING’ means, fasting for an undetermined amount of time or until you accomplish your goals.

People fast for various reasons, whether it’s for some adverse condition, to clear up their skin, or to lose weight.

Many will go on a 3 day, 14 days, 40 days fast or fast periodically. If you’re dealing with a chronic or adverse condition, eventually you would want to fast until this issue is remedied.

This is what INDEFINITE FASTING is, fasting until you have dealt with your issue or accomplished whatever goal you may have set.

Here’s some documentation on beginnings of my indefinite fast below:

Indefinite Fast Day 51

This past week has been a lot of slow progressions. More than ever I'm spewing yellowish mucus from the nose and mouth. As I stated on INDEFINITE FAST DAY 48 this shows us that the body is digging deeper in cleansing itself. Yesterday, day 50, I spent the evening at...

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Indefinite Fast Day 48

SPADAY Today went pretty well, I'm seeing and feeling the progress continue. My head feels lighter, and feeling a little more mobile. The release of toxins, and the movement of lymph fluids that I felt was great. A few times throughout the hours I was there, I...

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Indefinite Fast Day 26

I haven't made a post since Indefinite Fast Day 14. Its been nice and steady no major developments, just slow progressions of the body opening up. As I stated in a previous post during this series, I've reached such great heights of cleansing in previous fasts that...

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Indefinite Fast Day 14

SHORT FACTSDid you know that the body has three kidneys? Yes, three kidneys, the two within the body and the third covers the body, the skin. The skin is noted as the third kidney because a couple of its major roles are identical to that of the kidneys. Our kidneys...

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Indefinite Fast Day 13

Of course, the fresh fruit is always best, but at times when it's not available in my area, I get it in this form. For those who are not familiar with this fruit, it is graviola otherwise known as soursop. Here are a few facts about this wonderful fruit. It is good...

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Indefinite Fast Day 12

Many believe that the cold weather is what makes us sick during the winter, which isn't true. To quote Dr. Otto Warburg "No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment" Knowing this fact, we see why hospitals are kept at a cool temperature. Keeping...

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