To understand what indefinite fasting is, we must take a look at the word indefinite itself.

INDEFINITE comes from the Latin word indefinitus, in – ‘not’ and definitus – ‘defined’, literally meaning “not defined”.

Indefinite fasting is a concept that I created during my personal alkaline journey and while fasting.

With that being said ‘INDEFINITE FASTING’ means, fasting for an undetermined amount of time or until you accomplish your goals.

People fast for various reasons, whether it’s for some adverse condition, to clear up their skin, or to lose weight.

Many will go on a 3 day, 14 days, 40 days fast or fast periodically. If you’re dealing with a chronic or adverse condition, eventually you would want to fast until this issue is remedied.

This is what INDEFINITE FASTING is, fasting until you have dealt with your issue or accomplished whatever goal you may have set.

Here’s some documentation on beginnings of my indefinite fast below:

Indefinite Fast Day 11

Today is just another day in the journey, experiencing the basics of starting any fast as the body opens up. At this point from the past detoxes that I've done and how extensive they have been, I know the changes I will see will drastically slow down. My colon and...

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Indefinite Fast Day 10

As the bowels open up and more mucus is released from the head sometimes this can get unpleasant. Some may begin to feel pressure within the head that can cause headaches and a general sense of not feeling well. This is apart of the process and you will experience...

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Indefinite Fast Day 6

Been so busy I forgot to post all day. Everything was normal for the day passing stones and expelling more mucus as the bowels open up more. The key to unlocking the whole body begins with the colon. I speak on this as fact, also experience... During my 147 day fast I...

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Indefinite Fast Day 5

For the day I'm only consuming water and herbs in capsule form and later on having the tea I made in day 3. The quality of water we drink means everything. So many brands are contaminated with all sorts of chemicals such as Aquafina and Dasani being the worst of all,...

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Indefinite Fast Day 4

At the end of day 3 I began to feel kidney stones passing, very uncomfortable but using kidney specific herbs and a few others for pain, it wasn't excruciating. Today is a little bit of the same, but overall feeling good. It's great when your expelling mucus from the...

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Indefinite Fast Day 3

Day 3 started the day off with my normal smoothie, mangeberry punch and making a nice sized amount of tea out of these herbs to carry along with me for the day. There's a great deal of benefits from this combination but I'll just site a few basics: Cleansing of the...

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