To understand what indefinite fasting is, we must take a look at the word indefinite itself.

INDEFINITE comes from the Latin word indefinitus, in – ‘not’ and definitus – ‘defined’, literally meaning “not defined”.

Indefinite fasting is a concept that I created during my personal alkaline journey and while fasting.

With that being said ‘INDEFINITE FASTING’ means, fasting for an undetermined amount of time or until you accomplish your goals.

People fast for various reasons, whether it’s for some adverse condition, to clear up their skin, or to lose weight.

Many will go on a 3 day, 14 days, 40 days fast or fast periodically. If you’re dealing with a chronic or adverse condition, eventually you would want to fast until this issue is remedied.

This is what INDEFINITE FASTING is, fasting until you have dealt with your issue or accomplished whatever goal you may have set.

Here’s some documentation on beginnings of my indefinite fast below:

Indefinite Fast Day 2

Starting the day off with a smoothie and a kidney formula. Between the hours of 1-3am the kidneys are picking up toxins to be pushed out of the body, this is why the first thing we have to do in the morning is to urinate. The kidneys need to be cooled down, from the...

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Indefinite Fast Day 1

Day 1 of my indefinite fast. I will periodically post updates as the days go on, or maybe everyday if I remember to do so. This will be my 4th extended fast I'm entering as today is day 1. My first 3 fasts were 70 days, 54 days and 147 days... I'm not aiming for a...

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