John d. Rockefeller, America’s first billionaire found a way to monopolize the field of health. Around the year 1900 scientists found out about petrochemicals within oil and began to test for Vitamins, minerals, etc that could be used as pharmaceuticals.

Rockefeller, backing these new found ideas of pharmaceuticals for his own personal gain, had to find a way to corner the market. During this time period the use of herbs were very popular, being the only form of healing known across the eastern world, America and especially with Native American indians. Many Medical schools were even practicing herbology, or holistic medicines.
Rockefeller then teamed up with Andrew Carnegie to register a plan. They recruited a man out of the Carnegie foundation by the name of Abraham Flexner, and out of flexners work came to be what’s known as 

Flexner was sent out to various medical schools to reporting his findings, and establish the “new found” general modality that all schools would soon follow. This process forced schools to adhere to the new way of things  giving traction for pharmaceuticals to be introduced to the masses.
This is why we have the “allopathic” approach to ailments in this present time, the very costly expenses of schooling, and the extended time to graduate. This is all a product of the flexner report which only serves their interest, BIG BUSINESS.

Instead of using whole herbs scientists found what substances were prevalent within these herbs and began the process of extracting them. By Isolating chemistry you cause imbalances within the body. So why not leave things in its whole state as nature intended things to be?
Now that they knew what natural chemicals to extract, they took this approach with oil, other chemicals, and general rocks from the soil. So when you buy a product that says “Vitamin D” , ” Vitamin C” , ” Zinc chelate”  etc, it comes from inorganic substances that do not belong in the body.
Nature has provided us with everything we need from natural sources, such as plants, herbs, roots, barks, and sea vegetation that contain minerals proportionately balanced for the human body.The only substances that can truly assimilate with the human body has to be organic, that was created by nature herself. So Honor mother nature for everything she provides us with, by dining at her table each and every day.

This is the info for the image, im not sure if its better like this or if taking the info from wikipedia itself is better and plugging it into site.L0015353 A. Flexner, “Medical Education”, 1910; title page

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images – Medical Education in the United States and Canada Abraham Flexner Published: 1910Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0