Detoxification is the process in which a person performs an intracellular cleanse of the body to repair damaged tissues, glands, organs, and the body as a whole.

Many people experiment with different diets, cleanses, and programs in an attempt to achieve detoxification. Some are very successful and others may fail to reach their goals.

One should seek to understand the process of detox and not look for the quickest way out. This is one of the main reasons among others, why most people fail.

Taking the necessary steps in educating ourselves helps provide us with clarity of mind and how to achieve optimal results.

You don’t have to know all the nooks and crannies, scientific terms and the like, but there should at least be a basic understanding of what detox entails.

The process of detoxing the body is not set by a measure of time unless you purposely set a time frame in which you want to complete a detox.

Other than this you may be in it for a long haul, so buckle up and get ready for the ride. The detox process is dependent upon various factors such as:

  • What are your goals

What your goals are usually related to your current health condition. Other than health conditions many may choose something more personal like weight loss; losing 50 pounds before the year is over, fitting into your birthday suit, or getting back to that youthful state you were at years ago. Another could be to attain a higher level of discipline and apply it to various facets of your life in which may have hindered you in many ways. Or what about a challenge amongst friends, just for some friendly competition and to test one’s resolve.

  • Your current health condition

Many people from all ages and walks of life suffer from ailments that tremendously impede on their everyday life. Being plagued by medications,  going back and forth to the doctors or hospital visits leaves one to desperately seek relief from this. Not only does poor health conditions wear us down physically, but also mentally, spiritually, financially and our quality of life to spend time with family and friends is dramatically hindered as well.

  • Length of time with issues

How long a person has been dealing with a particular issue allows us to see the full scope of damage or potential damage that has been created due to this issue. Typically the longer a person has been suffering from an ailment tells it us MAY take a while, also depending upon the person’s kidney and lymphatic health.

  • Detox symptoms

There are various symptoms that are associated with the detoxification process. The things that can occur during this time can be very unpleasant. The same symptoms you would experience during a cold or flu MAY occur. Other symptoms that MAY occur are expelling mucus from all parts of the body, any skin related issues you have may flare up, headaches, migraines, fevers, cold sweats, fatigue, bad breath, dizziness, brain fog, muscle weakness, pain, and gas. These things are all apart of the body’s natural process in eliminating cellular waste.

  • How aggressive is your approach

The aggressiveness of your approach refers to your herbal regimen or protocol you are on. As well as the saturation rate of herbs within the system to cleanse, nourish and restore the body’s cells. The higher the saturation is, the higher rate of intracellular cleansing takes place and slowly bringing one’s body back to homeostasis.

  • The level of detoxification

The level of detoxification shows us at what rate we are cleansing going up and down the chain of the detox process. While some may be ready for a full blown detox at the highest level, others may need to take it back a few notches. Therefore a lower level of detox may need to be taken until they can acclimate themselves to the process, and reach a higher level for optimal results.

  • Time

There should be no surprise in understanding that detoxification takes time. Healing isn’t overnight, and the whole body has to be cleansed. This is why when Dr. Sebi was asked by someone “ which herbs should I take ” he stated “ it’s not herbs its a therapy ”, in one of his lectures. So it is a therapeutic approach that needs to be taken, this is not a quick fix.

All of these factors play a major role in how successful your detox process will be. In a modern world, we are accustomed to things happening within the blink of an eye, but detox isn’t as swift as instant coffee. Detox is a journey like any other, which has its highs, lows, valleys, and peaks. So take this time to examine these considerations of the process and apply them to yourself and your current situation. This is our life and we don’t have a moment to waste.